This is a brief explanation of just how the Online Bible system works.

First of all, let us explain the name ‘Online Bible’. This name has been used for many years to describe this program. However it is strictly not ‘online’ in the modern sense of the word – meaning it is NOT a web-based program or site which must be logged into to access its contents and resources. This is a program which is installed on your computer and operates the same whether you are logged onto the internet or not.

So, to begin with you have to make a choice between two options. You either purchase the DVD version or you go to the North American website and download the free version which is a bare-bones program containing a few of the basic features. See the page ‘Free Version’.

Advantages of purchasing the DVD are:-

  • You get everything that there is available on the free version PLUS some… all on one convenient DVD. (Of course there are several add-ons available which will require unlock codes. These must be purchased separately. See these here.

  • Installation is a dream – no downloading and no installing books one by one.

  • You assist the work of Online Bible and hopefully enable this great program to continue into the future.

How to purchase…

Advantages of using the Free Version:-

  • It is absolutely free, even though it will take considerable time and patience to download all the available books which might interest you.

  • You don’t have to wait the few days it takes for a DVD to arrive in the mail… you can have it now.

  • Read about the Free Version…

May God bless you.